Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What Horses Reveal--Book Review

What Horses Reveal explains the different mind types of horses and how best to deal with them in kindness and understanding. He gives you tips on how to approach the training of each type. Reading this book, you'll want to go out and study every head and body of every horse out there in the horse world and figure out which character group or groups he belongs too.

I really enjoyed flipping through the groups trying to figure out what types of horses I have. Knowing where I stand with them does help me. I know what to expect and how to approach them. I have one who is a gypsy and he likes to play the catching game. This catching game will never go away because he loves playing it and because he is a gypsy. With him, I have to have fun and be a little kid running around with this horse. This is who he is. In What Horses Reveal, Klaus also talks about time frame. How long the training should be for each group. He takes in how they mentally can handle the sessions. It's very interesting to read and then apply it. Connecting with my horses is very important to me and to have this book at my finger tips along with his other books, I am very thankful.

What Horses Reveal: From First Meeting to Friend for Life

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