Saturday, September 4, 2010

Welcome to Dogwood Lane

Dogwood Lane is a place for abused and neglected horses. The horses I take in are the ones who are super challenged. I love taking on these types of horses.

Buzz Light year, whom we call Buzz, is autistic. It takes a lot of patience to handle him. It's very important to know when to just walk away. He tries very hard but sometimes it's just best to walk away from him until he can handle things better. He has a hard time with touch from horses as well as people. He rolls a lot. It's like he's trying to get rid of crawling ants.

Nelson hides his head to protect himself. He had his nose broken. If you are wondering what kind of force breaks a horse's nose, try a 2x4. People have lied to him and hurt him. He isn't an easy horse to catch, but once you have him feeling safe, you can do his feet and send him down the jumping lane. He's an amazing guy. Every single time I go out, I have to show him that I'm still the same person I was just 5 minutes ago. If he doesn't feel safe, he bolts and is gone. He hasn't done that in a long time.

Jazz has a baby face, but almost 3 years ago when I started him, he was ready to stomp my face. He is afraid of going forward and was pushed behond his point. Going past the line can be a dangerous thing and with him it was. He was terribly overfaced. He now has a baby face and has helped Buzz with his problems. Buzz came to us starved and totally misunderstood. Jazz showed Buzz that everyone had full bellies and had hay in front of him. He had no need to worry or fear. He will always have a full belly. I am very thankful to Jazz's help.

I have many other stories to tell of the other horses I have. I know that I'm helping these horses, and in return they are helping me to be a better person. It's never a one way street. It's very important to stop and listen. Hear what they have to say and then in return they listen and hear what I have to say. It is a two way street. Together we find peace and harmony.

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